The force behind the mask
Midnight Graphics Girl, aka Jessi Miller, is Chief Creative and founder of Little Black Mask Marketing. She runs operations from her headquarters and chooses the right team for the right job, as needed. Clients can expect their super-team to be qualified to meet their needs without paying the overhead of a larger agency.

For over 18 years, Jessi's professional journey through full-service advertising, marketing, publishing, design, promotions, illustration and fine art has merged with her deeper sense of purpose in the forming of Little Black Mask Marketing, LLC.

"Advertising is manipulative by nature. It is brainwashing. Professionals in the industry have a responsibility to be honest while being persuasive. There was a point when I questioned staying in this field, until I realized the answer lies in using my powers for good, so to speak."

Thus was born Little Black Mask Marketing, LLC, dedicated to save the world by promoting entities and individuals who make a positive impact. [mission statement]

Jessi's passion for communication and publishing was evident early on, when she started an independent newsletter in the 7th grade. Later she graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Advertising Design, an Outstanding Academic Achievement award, having been a Best Portfolio finalist placing in the top four of her class. For nearly seven years she worked as a graphic designer and art director in full-service advertising representing many tourism and attraction clients in Florida, including several cruise lines. Jessi eventually started her own magazine and graphic design company in Fort Lauderdale. After having children, Jessi moved with them to the lovely town of Ocala and designed for Special Publications (Ocala Magazine) for nearly six years before launching Little Black Mask Marketing in 2008.

Creative, versatile intuitive and enthusiastic, clients and colleagues enjoy working with Jessi.

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"She is consistent, dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. She has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism balanced with a firm sense of pragmatism which enables her to focus on setting and accomplishing goals. I can say without a doubt that her efforts helped make Special Publications what it is today. I highly recommend her for any position of work, leadership, or any other capacity in which she can spread her excitement and share her talents with others."
Jamie Ezra Mark, Creative Director, Special Publications

"In the world a creative graphic designers, Jessi is an absolute breath of fresh air. She designs with a keen knowledge and diverse background, taking the time to involve herself with the subject matter. Her product is consistently of the highest quality."
Cath Rathbone, Marketing Representative, Salem Radio Network

"Jessi is detail-oriented, talented in many areas and works well on tight deadlines. I can always count on Jessi when I need something done right away and I know that it will be done correctly. In a world where I deal with many different designers, Jessi is a breath of fresh air as she knows both print and Web and needs little direction leaving me to concentrate on my clients."
Elizabeth Blair, President/CEO, Webjunkees Inc.

"Jessi worked with us on an International project and provided us with a first class service despite the geographic and time differences. She has a clear understanding of the value of design in creating marketing material with a difference and we were delighted with the work she prepared. Don't hesitate to ask for her views on your project."
David Smith, Publisher, Skype Magazine, UK

"Funny and a professional graphic designer Jessi is a very original artist and all her designs stand out for their uniqueness. It's a pleasure to work with Jessi on all of her different projects."
Carlos Checker, Owner, POLARIN USA and Representative, Graphics Plus

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