Little Black Mask Media
Saving the world, one graphic design at a time.


Little Black Mask was founded in 2008 by Jessi Miller with the mission of elevating companies and people who do good.

Little Black Mask Media is a creative media company specializing in visual communication (branding and graphic design), publishing, and creative strategy. 

Your brand (your image, how your product or service is seen, the mask it wears) is the first thing anyone sees. It’s the number one most important aspect of your marketing efforts. We design with the big picture of your entire brand, your goals, your market and the media in mind. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch, ramping up to the next level, expanding, or simply need supplemental items to fit into an existing marketing plan, we understand how the elements should fit together. Logos, business cards, letterhead, websites, social media, advertising campaigns, outdoor media, e-marketing, you name it— whatever it is should be a voice in the choir that sings your praise.